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No matter what industry you're in - inconvenience create opportunities. We are trying to solve problems, which our fitness industry is dealing with.

How we'll help you ?

  • Locations based marketing
  • Engage new customers in your location and build loyalty through creative promotions, verified leads and real photographs.

  • Data Science
  • Answer bigger questions of your business with data driven reports published by Fitness Analytics Lab.

  • Collaborations
  • Collaborate with other fitness centres nearby. Share knowledge, assets and expertises.

  • Feedback + Suggestion
  • Collect and analyse customer feedback in a convenient way. Leverage benefits of these feedbacks in directly in your business.

  • Ratings
  • Various ratings given to your gym helps customers understand you in a better way.

Its Free and Easy to get Listed

  • Step 1: Fill up the form or mail us
  • Fix a time for us to collect your business information

  • Step 2: Our executive drops in
  • Get a professional photoshoot of your business

  • Step 3: Your business goes live
  • Sit back and relax as leads begin to pour in

How do I get my fitness business listed on Gympp?
Just fill the following form, or drop us an email at [email protected], we’ll get back to you :)
Is listing and getting leads for my business on Gympp free?
Yes. Gympp listings are completely free of charge and will always be free, Gympp doesn't charge for appointments you receive via Gympp
Does joining business network on Gympp guarantee appointments?
Listing on helps peoples in discovering your business but this is not a guarantee of getting you more appointments. Keep your details updated it would help people to understand you better.
What if my profile has not been approved?
We would love to see you back with more relevant details, you can resubmit your request multiple times, and we would schedule a meeting again.
How can I associate my professionals and customers to my business on Gympp?
Great, Suggest all your customers and professionals to review and follow your business on Gympp, it’s the easiest method to get people associated with your business.
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