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Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves
- Tim Berners-Lee
The unity of all science consists alone in its method, not in its material.
- Karl Pearson
The secret to creativity and originality is knowing how to hide your sources.
- Albert Einstein
Design is not the narrow application of formal skills, it is a way of thinking.
- Chris Pullman
Pulse of fitness
Active Users Graph
LifeStyle Rating Algorithm

To enable users to choose better, we devised a carefully structured algorithm that quantifies the overall experience of working out in a given gym or sports club. We calculate these ratings based on gym's amenities and infrastructures.

The algorithm takes into account everything from the most basic needs to indulgent, sought after luxuries, and weighs them according to their importance. What you get is a numeric valuation of your lifestyle.

The LifeStyle rating answers following questions -

  • How are the Infrastructure and Brand Value of the Gym ?
  • How much facilities are available ?
  • Does this Gym match my lifestyle ?

Locality Rating Algorithm

Locality of a particular business always attracts a finer customer base. It is also a major concern for the people who are likely to join gyms and sports clubs. A user mostly prefers a gym in the top locality to a gym in average locality.

Gympp have designed a unique locality rating algorithm for all gyms and sports clubs. We take into account everything from location to nearby malls and community places which makes a place happening.

The Locality rating will answers following doubts -

  • I need my fitness club to be in a posh locality ?
  • I need something nearby transportation options ?
  • I wish some shopping malls would be nearby my Gym ?

Crowd Rating Algorithm

A Fitness club is an efficient networking place. A set of users are likely to grab the networking opportunity in a gym. Excessive of one Sex make the another one less comfortable. A proper balance of male - female ratio increases the refreshness index of a gym.

Gympp's Crowd rating algorithm will retrofit all the attributes as per their priority and generate a numeric value which would be able to answer major questions about how the crowd is going to be in a gym.

Following doubts would be answered -

  • I don't want to Join a gym with too much males
  • I would like to work out with people of my age
  • I don't want to go to an overcrowded gym
  • I need some trainers to take care of me

Service Rating Algorithm

Service is the primary factor which everyone is looking for; people are always concerned about the services even if they are satisfied with Life Style, Locality and Crowd.

We have raised an easy solution for this major concern. Our algorithms deeply analyze various connected parameters, customer's feedbacks and satisfaction contents and generate a numeric value which would be a mirror image of how the services are going to be in a gym.

This answers the followings -

  • I need well trained and certified trainers?
  • I need InHouse cafeteria and Supplements help.
  • How are the services of the staff in the Gym?
  • I need equipments to be well maintained.
  • I need basic amenities like Locker, parking, bathrooms, and security.

Happiness Index

In subscription and listing business, recurring revenue depends on renewals and passes, which further depends on happiness of customers (Gym owners and Gym goers).

Gympp has indentified a unique solution for this problem, back tracking and reconciliation of user experience with Gympp enable us to find out the users happiness index. We ensure no one is unhappy in our ecosystem.

This Index boosts our motivation and guides us to serve you all better. The happiness index is directly proportional to Gympp Crew party Index :)

Product Analysis

We're still in the first minutes of the first day of the fitness revolution, We are far far away from what Gympp is going to be.

We track each and every interaction that happens on our web-platform in gruesome detail. Looking out for patterns in user behaviour helps we understand how people perceive and use Gympp. We are constantly challenging ourselves to impact people's fitness-search experience and make our product better.

Your recommendations, feedbacks are what drive us, Keep being nice with us, as you are now.

Fitness Trend Analysis

We analyse the changing demand-supply with changing Ratings (Lifestyle, Crowd, Locality and Service Ratings). The resultant graph enables us to understand how the fitness industry is trending.

This enables us to answer some of very complex problems -

  • Is it suitable time to update amenities ?
  • What customers in an area are watching for?
  • Which factors are making a gym to lose their business?
  • When a business should promote them?
  • When the demand will be on peak?

Gympp's FAL offers an endless mark on all such questions.

Update - Improvement Matrix

Ever wonder how Gympp keeps its data updated, always. Any classifieds, listing and review industry struggles with misinformation when it comes to updating of listings.

To enhance user-experience, we at Gympp are trying to solve this problem by coming up with our own model for listing update.

Back-testing on information of listed gyms and segregation of demand-supply area-wise, sector-wise (Fitness Clubs, Gyms, Yoga Centres) and amenities, we have come up with our own radioactive updating formula to determine when a fitness listing should be updated.